Skill & Passion

Jana loves to bake! For as long as Jana can remember she has always helped her mom in the kitchen with baking jbakery-114anything from cookies, to pies, to muffins. She was always the eager assistant and could not wait to sample the finished product. Slowly the dream of opening a small town bakery began to evolve. In order to have a strong foundation for her future business, Jana earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Grove City College. Next, Jana pursued a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. While at Johnson & Wales, she learned a variety of skills including cake decorating, Classical French pastries, baking breads, making chocolates, creating showpieces and decorating plates.

With the skills she learned both at Grove City and Johnson & Wales, Jana’s dream of opening a bakery is a reality. Come check out Jana’s Bakery in downtown Chambersburg! In 2013, Jana’s mother, Kathy, moved to the area and joined the baking team.